Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas-y Times

I love the holidays! (well, everything except for how busy everything is all the days!) It is a great time to reflect on the birth of our Savior and to spend time with family. This year, Cortney's siblings were in town from all across the country (literally!).  On Monday the 23rd, we headed down to temple square for the evening to check out the lights and also visit the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the LDS Church History museum. It was great to be with all the T-fam siblings and their spouses! We ate at a really delicious Vietnamese food place on state street (La Cai Noodle House). It was oh-so-tasty! Cortney's sister Amber, introduced us to the Hatch Family Chocolate company near LDS Hospital in SLC. We had some hot chocolate there. It tasted like melted chocolate bars (have you every been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and wondered what the chocolate river tastes like? I'm guessing that it would taste just like the hot chocolate!).

On Christmas Eve day, my brother's family came over to hang out for a little bit and eat some Costco pizza for lunch! The childrens were very excited for Santa to come that night! My niece and I painted our toenails to celebrate!
When Cortney got home, he playing some video games with their family, and then we headed over to the T-family for a night of festivities! 

We had a delicious ham and potato dinner, with pie later that night. 

We spent the evening hanging out, doing a family talent show, enjoying Christmas stories, and playing Christmas songs with chimes. We got new PJ's, opened sibling gifts, and then headed to bed. 

Cortney's talent was playing chopstix on the piano with his mom. It was awesome! 

Cortney also introduced us to "Wert-outs" (like work-outs). It can only be done on a slippery surface. You start with your legs in a V, and bring them together. Try it. It's a lot harder than you'd think! I can only do it when I'm holding on to something. 

In the morning, we slept in later than usual (it was amazing! Funny that 9:15 can be counted as sleeping in.). We opened gifts and then the boys played with the race car set...

It was then time for what we call "Baboo biscuits" which are the equivalent of a McDonald's sausage or ham McMuffin. Mmmm, breakfast! We got ready and then headed over to my parents' house. 

We got an awesome roaster (which I can't wait to cook a turkey in. Or cook anything in it!). We ate a Christmas lunch of delicious ham and potatoes and hung out with the peeps! 

My parents and their new aprons! 

My nephew is learning the art of posing for photos. Just like his dad...

J got a cool geode which she had to break! 

Later on, the older children and my brother came over to our house to play some video games. It was a fun afternoon! Then it was Skype time with Elder T (who is currently in Australia serving a mission). We talked to him for 2.5 hours. It was great to hear from him! 
Overall, a wonderful Christmas day! 
On Wednesday the 26th, it was the E-family party! We spent the afternoon sledding and tubing! We also had some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows! It was such a blast. Unfortunately, Cortney had to work and couldn't come sledding with us :(  We had a great time! 

We had so much fun! I was so disappointed when the adults said it was time to go home (I felt like a little kid, all sad that we couldn't stay longer!). We had dinner all together that night at my parents' house. It gets crazy around there with everyone there, but I love the crazy! We  missed those who couldn't make it. 

Friday the 27th came and with it work came around again. That night, we headed down to BYU to check out the Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz art work display (called Sacred Gifts). It was so incredible! It was free and will be at BYU until the spring.  If you have a chance, get some tickets and check it out. Amazing!

Saturday the 28th, Cortney headed with his dad and brother to go shooting, eat at Johnny Rockets, and see the Hobbit. The girls in the family headed out shopping. I stayed home and hung out with my sick body, my kitty, and my bed.  :(

Sunday the 29th, we attended church with Cortney's family and then relaxed in the afternoon. After dinner, we headed to Uncle Val and Aunt Liz' for some homemade ice-cream and cookies! It was so yummy! It was nice to see and hang out with the cousins, as well. 

Monday the 30th, we also got to work (I really am so grateful for our jobs!)! Monday night, however, we had one last hurrah at the Cracker Barrel. I had the french toast. It was incredible! It was great to hang out with the fam before half of them took off the next day.

Tuesday (New Year's Eve), Cortney had to work. That night, we had dinner, played games, celebrated the new year, and ate our hearts out with the rest of the T-family. 

Wednesday the 1st, was a great day full of relaxating and rejuvenating.  It was nice to have a whole day to do nothing. 

We are so grateful for this wonderful time we have had with each other and with our families this holiday season! So much fun!