Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mission and Moving!

Last month I was heading into work when I got a phone call from my dad: "We have some good news for you. We got our mission call today!" We didn't even know they had put their papers in! They were called to the Mississippi Jackson Mission and are going to be gone for 18 months!

We are very excited for them! They will be awesome! They entered the MTC on the 8th of February and after a quick stop back here at home to pack up all their things, they are headed out to Mississippi! It's been a crazy month! They had 19 days from the time they got their call until they had to be to the MTC. So quick! They were able to speak in church a few Sundays ago, and thus all of my siblings were up visiting. It was awesome to have everyone together again! It will definitely be a great blessing for our family to have our parents serving a mission!

Here are some pictures from the night they were set-apart....

Good Luck, Elder and Sister Erickson!

While they are serving in Mississippi, Cortney and I will be living in their house and taking care of the yard (and the kitty:) ). We moved from our first apartment/house in South Ogden to my parents' house here in Clearfield on the first Saturday of February. It was definitely a good move! We have the whole house to ourselves which is nice (compared to having a family with 2 screaming kids (and screaming dad) and a dog living in a one-bedroom apartment below us). We are excited to have all this room! And the people here in the neighborhood are nice, which is a big plus. And we'll get to plant a garden! I'm excited for tomatoes and cucumbers......mmmmmm! We are already loving it a ton.

Here is us by our first house......(single tear.....)

It was a fun year living in our first apartment - it was perfect for us!


  1. You blog too!! Oh no! YOu are like me the computer queen! Its ok we can be computer addicted together :)

    Kelly Treadway

  2. Sounds SOOO exciting. I cant wait to have my own house one day too. I can't believe how much you all look like your dad!

  3. Congratulations to your parents! And to you for getting their house while they're gone. ;) Scott and I rented a house from a couple on their mission when we first got married and it was a fabulous arrangement.

    You have such a cute family. It's so weird to see Dan all grown-up and married!

  4. How fun! Congrats to your parents. How nice for you and Court to be able to babysit their house for them while they are gone. I bet that is going to be real tough :)

  5. So fun Hija! Congrats to the parents! They will be awesome! Keep me updated:)Oh and I want some of your garden products thanks!

  6. Your parents are darling, so nice. They'll do such a great job! You'll have to update us with how they're doing!