Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Birthday Fun!

A few weekends ago, we had some fun times with the peeps! We had a fun dinner at Rhonda's on the 16th of May to celebrate L and Jody's birthdays. It was a lot of fun!
This kid is getting huge! He's almost 15!
The cute girlies!
The birthday boy! Awesome shirt, no?
L and S



We had some delicious cake with pudding on it that was to die for! After S ate one piece, Rhonda fed him 2 more! Ha! I wish I could've gotten a picture of the messy faces. It was awesome!

Then later in the week, my brother, Scott and his family stopped by for a day to hang out and share in some birthday fun! It was B's birthday on friday the 21st and J's birthday on the 22nd. The kids had a lot of fun the swings (as usual). It was great to have them here!

Baby B

Love it!

Enjoying some birthday ice cream and cake!
Jammin' out!

Saturday night, M and S came over while their parents went out on a date! We had a party! We ate pizza and then played outside while eating popcorn and fruit snacks! It was awesome! I taught M some tricks on the bars out back. It was so much fun to have them here!
Love it!
Are they siblings? Definitely!

It was such a fun week! We love our family!

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