Monday, November 29, 2010

The Happy Birthdays

Last night we had a birthday celebration at the T's. It was Riley's birthday last Sunday and another person's birthday is coming up soon, so we did a double whammy celebration.
Mary made delicious cheesy potatoes and ham and we even had brownies and homemade ice cream (made by Lenn) for desert! Yes, we are THAT lucky!

Our double-candled birthday cake!
Yay for DVD's!

Yes, it's a funny card!
Awwww, fer cute!
Jesse and Riley!

Happy Birthday, peeps!


  1. Looks like fun DeAnn... I don't know if I've told you but something happened to our other blog address and there is no longer anything there... our new address is- so you can change the address and still keep up with us :)

  2. Looking at that birthday cake it looks like one of you is 22 and one of you is 75. So how old are you??
    Hope you have a happy birthday!!

  3. Don't you think we ought to go out to lunch or something for our birthdays? I think we should. I'll be up there friday and saturday. You let me know.

    How old are we? 75? Feels like I've known you that long!

  4. True, true--Happy Birthday to you {that's coming up anyway}!

  5. oH Deann how I just love yer guts!! Please post of picture of you with those glasses that you wore back in high school. (without the lenses)lol

  6. That last picture of you and Cortney is super cute. Like Jayne I also am confused by the candles on the cake.