Sunday, June 5, 2011

Willard Bay Triathlon

Yesterday was the first triathlon of the year! Me and my sister, Rhonda compete in triathlons to try and stay in shape. It's a fun little hobby and it helps having someone else do them with you because it's a great motivator! It was our first time doing the Willard Bay Triathlon and it was a blast! The weather turned out awesome! It was neither too hot, nor too cold. The too cold part came when they told us how cold the water was - 51 degrees. Yes, that wasn't a typo - 51 degrees! I've been working hard to improve my swim, but yesterday my mind wasn't in it enough to overcome the effects of the cold water. I still got an okay time, but I can blame the slowness on the cold :)

Getting used to (or trying to get used to) the water...
The start...
Cortney's artistic shot while waiting for us to finish the swim...
My nephew L...
The swim is finally over!
Rhonda beat me on the swim and I caught up to her on the bike - we came in at the same time!

The run out - check out the guy in the blue on the left hand side of the photo. Is his reaction one of, "Go get 'em!" or one of, "Get outta my way!" ? What do you think? Ha ha ha!
Rhonda's naturally a faster runner so she finished first...
I loved having my nieces and nephew there to cheer me on!
They even ran with me 'til the end! L is in the grass and you can barely see C right by me...
The finish!

My #1 supporter!

I sure do love him and am so grateful he supports me at every triathlon!
Me and C
Both Rhonda and I got first place in our age groups! Woo hoo!

It was a great start to a great triathlon season! Yeah!


  1. oh DeAnn! I am so happy you still run tri's! You and Rhonda are the best!

  2. DeAnn you are Awesome! Way to go getting 1st place!

  3. Girl, you freakin ROCK! I envy you. One day I will legitimately try to run some sort of race :D

  4. D, you are so cool! That's amazing!