Friday, October 14, 2011

Yellowcard Concert

One of Cortney's favorite bands has always been Yellowcard. At first, I didn't like them too much, but with time and after listening to them a bunch, I've grown to like them. They are awesome! When I heard that they were coming to Salt Lake, I decided it would be fun to try and go. Unfortunately, I had to work the night of the concert and Cortney had school. I decided that before I bought the tickets, I would try and get the night off. Luckily my friend Jessica was willing to trade some hours with me so I could go. Once I told Cortney about it, he didn't bat an eye saying he wouldn't mind missing class. What's even better is that when I asked my friend Mara (who was going to sell me the tickets) how much I owed her for the tickets, she told me I could have them for free! It all worked out perfectly! I'm always hesitant to go to concerts, just because they are so loud and sometimes not that great. I packed up my earplugs and we headed to SLC.

The concert was at a venue just west of the Gateway. Instead of going to the opening bands' shows, we hung out at the Gateway. It was a perfect date! The concert was awesome! I love going to concerts where the performers can actually sing in tune and sound mostly like they do on their albums. They played with so much energy too! Yellowcard did not disappoint! It was so fun!

(Please excuse the cell phone photos, ha ha! And our faces)

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