Monday, September 23, 2013

J and C's Mission Farewells

Cortney's little brother J, and my nephew, C have both been called to serve in the Australia Sydney South Mission. Both mine and Cortney's families came into town for the weekend to be here for his farewell talk in church. It was great having them in town! Friday night we had T family pictures (which all of the men loved, ha ha!) and then headed to Tony's Pizza for some good eats (mmmm, I can taste the Hawaiian pizza right now!).

Saturday morning we headed to the temple with the T family and G and G C. It was so nice to go as a family! 

Aren't our grandparents beautiful? We love them so much!

G and G C treated us to a lunch at Chuck-a-Rama afterward. Boy was it yummy! I love that place!

Saturday night we headed to the temple to be with C as he went through the temple. It was great to be there with my family, as well! 

We then headed to the Sizzler for dinner! I can't believe this kid is going on a mission! (I feel so old!)

On Sunday, we were able to participate in both sacrament meetings where they spoke.
After J spoke, we headed back to the T house for a celebration. 

There was a lot of family and friends there. 

 It was such a great weekend to spend with family and friends! J and C will leave October 9th to the MTC. We love you guys and wish you the best of luck!

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