Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anniversary Goodness!

Since the week of our anniversary was so crazy, we decided to party over spring break! And what a party it was! Woot! We started off the week by enjoying our wedding cake! Yes, it was a year ago and YESSSS it was still delicious! My parents did an awesome job at packaging the cake - first they saran wrapped it, then came the foil, then they wrapped it in a bag and sealed it in a box! It tasted like it had been made yesterday. Mmmmmmmm - tasty!

With the rest of our time off, we decided to take a little vacation to good ol' Salt Lake City! On thursday, we stayed the night at Castle Creek Inn in Sandy. It's such a cool place! We stayed here on our honeymoon. The rooms are all themed around castles. They even have lion-shaped door-knockers.......and since Cortney was wearing a lion shirt, I decided it was only appropriate to snap a picture of the pair.......

On Friday, we headed to the slopes at Snowbird! The snow was a bit crusty, but the company was great!

Afterwards, we headed to La Quinta Inn in Salt Lake and got ready for a night out on the town! We went and ate some Chinese foods at Charlie Chow's. Mmm Mmm good!

And because neither of us had ever ventured to IKEA before, we decided to check it out! What an awesome store! We found all kinds of awesome things we liked! If only we had a shopping spree to that store! And as a bonus, we found a dark shade for our window so I can sleep better during the day. Afterwards, we enjoyed time watching some episodes of the Office - what a funny show! I'd never seen it before and we're starting to get into it - ha!
On Saturday, we enjoyed a delicious continental breakfast and then spent the day at the Gateway window shopping. We also saw the new movie, Alice in Wonderland (in 3D). It was a pretty good show - very creative!
After that, we got to go to the Jazz game! Woot! I always love going to the Jazz games. They're so much fun! This time, food was included in our tickets! Bonus!

We also made a very important decision this last week-we got a new camera! It's a Nikon digital SLR. Holy cow, that camera's got power! I love it! We're both hoping to get into photography a little more and learn about the photography world. Here are some shots from the night we took with the new camera.......

I'm excited to be able to capture are some of the first pics we took. We love it!

It was such a great weekend! It was nice to be able to spend so much time together and to have some fun! Too bad school starts right back up tomorrow :(


  1. DeAnn: Glad your cake was great (ours was so horrible I made a new one! haha) A tip for the windows: If your curtain from Ikea (What a great store..) doesn't work look into black out curtains from target/walmart they are like $20 bucks but we bought a brown one (and ran it horizontally across the windows)and you cant tell if its day or night in our bedroom. Jason too sleeps in the day so it was a nice find!

  2. Yeah for cake on your 1 yr anniversary. Sounds like you guys had super fun week. Tip for the future: don't stop doing thing like this. Always try and find a reason to do fun things together!!

  3. I love Charlie Chow's! I'm glad that you too had such a good time, you are such a cute couple. Let's get together.

  4. Hi DeAnn. I found your blog through facebook, hope you don't mind if Brad and I check up on you once in a while. I remember eating our cake on our anniversary. Unfortunately ours was a squished mess, because my dad and grandpa dropped the cake when they were transporting it home, but we ate it anyway. Happy anniversary!

  5. That is for sure the best anniversary cake eating experience I have ever heard of. We totally forgot about that tradition. Wait... did we have a wedding cake? I forgot to throw my bouquet too! What bride forgets to throw her bouquet? I mean really?!

    What a great anniversary! You guys really partied! Did I tell you how happy I am that you live in Clearfield again? That just sings happiness to my soul for some very strange reason. Maybe it's because I've always coveted your parent's garden. Can I come lay on my tummy and smell the beautiful dirt?
    I guess that'll have to wait a few weeks - there's a creature in my tummy this month:)

  6. I didn't know you had a blog, friend! What a fun way to celebrate!! Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's already been a year, too! That's awesome your cake tasted like it'd been made yesterday--ours is STILL in my parents' freezer--lame, I know.
    You've got a great new camera--they are WAY fun to use!