Saturday, April 17, 2010

General Conference April 2010!

This year, we got lucky and were able to attend the Saturday morning session of General Conference! It was great to be with family and to hear the word of God through the mouths of living prophets. I always love going to, watching, and hearing General Conference! It's such a great spiritual feast! Here are some pics from the awesome outing!

The peeps in the parking garage on the way! Yes, Riley is apparently in a gang....

This is Amber and Riley (and Jesse) - Amber and Riley are ENGAGED to be married!

Cortney being his weird and usual self........

Lenn 'n' Mary

The kids! (Can you tell that Jesse and Cortney are brothers???)

Me and the Wert! I love this guy!

It was a wonderful morning! Go conference! Go family!


  1. You guys look so great! I just wanted you to know I am blog stalking you now ... hope that's okay!

  2. I like to see that Jess-dude has mastered the Taylor face in that first picture. I'm pretty sure I've seen everybody except for Mary with that look in a picture or in real life.