Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Fun Week!

Last week was an awesome week! Holly and the kids stopped by for the night on their way home from Spring break! It was so fun to have them here! Scott was missing because he had to work, and T was missing because he was with his Grandparents spending the night. We had PIZZA for dinner! Then the kids spent some time painting their new CTR rings. Awesome!

Holly, being the wonder-woman that she is, helped Cortney put together our new desk! It was great to have them here with us!

Aren't these dudes sooo cute?

It was fun to have them come visit!

On Friday night, we had a sleepover with Jesse, Cortney's brother, and M and S! It was a total party! We ate pizza for dinner (again! yummy!) and then watched the Princess and the Frog. The little kids went to bed and then the boys stayed up playing basketball and video games!

Good morning, kids!

Even though the little ones went to bed later, they woke up early! We made chocolate chip waffles and then played all morning! They love the swings and didn't want to leave because they love swinging so much! We had a fun time!
Good lookin' kids, eh?

To top the week off, the C fam and the E fam came over for a Spring barbecue on Sunday! It was nice to get together with everyone! It's been a busy last couple of months and has been hard to get together, but it finally worked out!

The kids all had fun with each other!

The boyz!

The girlz! Aren't they beautiful?

When you ask S to smile, he just says" smile". So to try and get him to smile, we'd tell him to show his teeth - this is the result of that........

How cute, no?

My girlies....

Rhonda and S singing Popcorn Popping.....

It was such a great week! Isn't family great?


  1. Holy action packed week, Batman! Looks like you guys had an awesome time with friends and family and lots of pizza!!

  2. What a riot!! Those kids are so stink'n cute!! How fun--and to paint CTR rings, how cool is that?! Never thought of that one before. Just the 10 cent ones from the Distribution Center?

  3. No, they got them from seagull book. It was a kit of 5. Remember when you'd color the ctr rings with crayons? That was awesome! And the "cheap" ctr rings are now $1! can you believe it?