Saturday, April 17, 2010


So every year on the Saturday before Easter, the T family has a weird but awesome tradition of launching of rockets at Uncle Val's house. This year was awesome! This was only my second year participating, but it has gotten better every year so far! First, we had to indulge ourselves with the delicious burgers Val made. Then it was rocket time! It was chilly outside, but sunny and beautiful! The field behind their house is perfect for rocket launching.....
There are two types of rockets we launch - regular cardboardish/plastic/othermiscellaneousmaterial rockets, and paper and foam rockets! The kids have a lot of fun making their own rockets!

It's so fun to watch their faces when they launch the rockets!

Everyone gets into the launching off of the rockets - especially the "bigger" kids (aka, adults!).

The fun part of launching off rockets is seeing how far it can go! Some of the regular rockets went pretty high! Here's the boys coming back from retrieving a rocket.......

The best part about launching rockets is being with the fam!

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