Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun Easter Weekend in Monticello!

We arrived in Monticello Friday evening just in time to dye eggs!

Afterward we ate tacos for dinner and then chatted til the wee hours of the mornin'!
On Saturday, we headed to the ranch for the Easter picnic with the Tracy Family! We had yummy burgers, dutch oven potatoes, and other good, yummy stuff!

The boys practiced their roping skills while we were waiting for lunch...

Cute kiddos!

After lunch, it was Easter Egg Hunt time! It was fun to fill the eggs and hide them and then watch the kids look for them! So fun...

My man..
After the egg hunt, we headed out to look for a cow who may have been having her calf. After we got back (with no luck), we realized that the cow we were looking for was in the corral after all. :)

The K-Man
Awww, Little Auggie! Such a cute little calf!
We headed back up to town and had pizza for dinner. It was haircut night for everyone and Kim taught me how to cut hair! I hope to get better at it. I cut Cortney's hair for the first time and it looked pretty good :)
Sunday we woke up and went to church. Then we had a delicious lunch with the Tracy's. Then it was Easter FHE time - brought to us by Crystal. It was cute! Then Cortney, Charley, Kim, and I went back down to the ranch to see if any cows were about to calf. No such luck :( Oh well! We had fun just chillin' at the ranch and relaxing. That night we hung out with the fam and chatted.
It was so nice to relax without work or school going on - twas a much needed vacation. The weather was nice too! We left Monday after lunch. We decided to try Five Guys for dinner - greasy greasy - but good. :) Thanks, Tracy's for a great weekend!

Happy Spring everyone!

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