Friday, April 8, 2011

The Ogden Temple

Last week we said goodbye to our dear Ogden LDS Temple. It's always been "our" temple being the closest to our home and the one we were sealed in. Here's a little story about the renovation:
We are excited to see the changes! We're glad that there are so many other temples nearby so we don't miss out on attending the temple. We took some photos of the "former" Ogden Temple, Tabernacle, and grounds for remembrance.

We are grateful for temples on this earth!


  1. De, those are some really beautiful photos. Really, you're photography is awesome! Those photos will be treasures for you guys!

  2. White elegance is holding a picture contest right now of the temples. They are going to making them into puzzles. You get the royalties off of how many are sold. You may want to look into that for a little side job money...=)