Sunday, July 10, 2011

Echo Triathlon

Round two, anyone?
It's time for another......triathlon update! YAY! This one is epic, I promise. It was my first Olympic distance triathlon. I've been training a bunch and hoped to make all my dreams come true by competing in the Echo Triathlon. I really like this triathlon venue because the water is great, the bike ride is beautiful and serene, and the run is a trail alongside the reservoir. It's a beaut! My goal for this tri was to finish (and tri my best, of course). My sister, Rhonda has been training with me but she was M.I.A. for this tri due to a very untimely upper respiratory illness. Nevertheless, I carried on without her as my competition. She did, however, show up to be one of my two fans (and my timing advisor)! Thanks, Rhonda!

I wanted to finish a little faster than I did, but I am happy with how I did and am eager to improve on my next triathlon next month. Party on, Wayne...
Swim 1500 meters (I know, very flattering...)

Bike 26 miles

Run 10k

My B.F.E. (Biggest Fan Ever) and photographer, Cortney! I could definitely not compete in these races without his support. Thanks, hon!


  1. Congrats you are awesome! Thats so cool you compete in triathlons.

  2. De!! Did you forget to tell me that you were competing practically in my backyard? I would have come to cheer you on! The kids and I are always looking for new adventures. Remember when Hanna and I came to your track meet and you kicked some royal tooshie? Good times:)