Friday, August 26, 2011

They're home!

Yep! My dad and mom are home! They have been serving for a year and a half in Jackson, Mississippi as missionaries for the LDS church. We are glad they are home! Two weekends ago they spoke in church. Our whole family (minus Dan's family-they just had a new baby) was there to support them. After church we had an awesome dinner and just hung out. Definite good times! I love watching all the cousins play!
Awww, so cute!

This is J, eating her lunch up in the tree.....just wait 'til the end of the post!

The girls!

The boys! Scott kept closing his eyes every picture - the one picture that Scott did open his eyes, my dad had his eyes closed. I guess you can't win!
The outlaws...

J was trying to grab a snack up in the tree and fell around 10 feet...
We took her to PCMC to get them checked out...
Verdict: two broken wrists! For those who know J, she is one of the most active kids I've ever seen! Don't worry, two broken wrists didn't set her back much! :)
And what's a family party without someone getting hurt? ;) It was so good to spend some time with the family! We love you guys! And we're so glad you're home, mom and dad!

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