Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Hiking

Earlier this afternoon, I went on a hike with some friends, Lauren, Becky, and Becky's baby, baby P! We headed up Wheeler Canyon to check out the beautiful fall colors. It was such a BEAUTIFUL hike!
Cute little baby P!

We stopped for a bit so baby P could have a snack! He's a cute li'l guy!

After the hike, we headed back to our house and had apples with caramel. Perfect fall afternoon! Thanks, girls!


  1. AHHH!! Soooooo makes me miss the fall!!!

  2. That babe is darling! Glad he got to go hiking too. Oh and I love the caterpillar. He's got some spikey hair, that's awesome!

  3. You look so good. Great pictures, though I have to admit if I would have seen that huge caterpillar I would have been running down the hill back to my car. =)

  4. Good times! I want to do it every week!