Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kemmerer = Fun!

Last weekend we took a little road trip to visit the E family in Kemmerer. It was a nice little visit! We left on Saturday morning and got there early Saturday afternoon. We hung out outside and jumped on the trampoline. It was such a nice day! It was nice and warm, so we went to the local gas station to get some "slurps" to cool off. Mmmm.....

There's noting better than a nice cold slurpee in the hot weather to cool off.... Then my brother Scott got home from his hunting trip - and told us all his stories from his trip!

Then we chilled on the trampoline and showed each other tricks and played games.

No trip to Kemmerer would be complete without Cortney and the boys playing Mario brothers. It was so much fun to just play around and relax! For dinner we had Pizza Hut pizza - mmmmmmm. Then our E-fam cousin Barry came with his 3 cute kids and we talked with him for a bit! He came to hang out while his wife was at the Relief Society meeting. It was good to see him and meet his kiddos. Holly made some AWESOME cherry turnovers that were so tasty! Mmmm. Then it was trampoline time again! We had a lot of fun trying to take superman pictures...

And just plain ol' fun!

Can you tell we had some fun? Because we did!
After the kiddos went to bed, we watched a little bit of Lord of the Rings, and then played a few rounds of scum. Don't worry, I ended up being the king at the end. :) Then Cortney did a little homework til 1 am. :)
In the morning, we headed out to Logan for a baby blessing. The fall colors in Logan canyon were amazing! I love love love fall time and the colors that come with it. It was a fun little trip to see the fam! Thanks, guys!

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