Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities!

What a fun time of year it is! We were invited to Joel and Leah's costume party on Saturday night. It was so fun to see some friends we haven't seen in a while! It was fun to eat to our hearts' content and play fun games.

The Apple and Steve Jobs...

The girls!
Awww, the four friends back together!

On Halloween we got together with Lauren & Justin, and Christopher, Becky, and Baby P. We ate some soup, yummy wraps, and lots of candy. We watched "Wait Until Dark." What an awesome show! Yeah, I jumped a lot. Then we played some games and laughed a lot (as usual).

Jobs and Baby P!
Becky and Baby P!
Lauren's first trick-or-treaters of the night!
Awww, cute li'l punkin!

My sis sent me this pic of them in their costumes - cute!

Lauren and Justin - TRON!

Buzz S-Year!
The E-family stopped by for a visit! So cute! Randy - milk, Colette - cookie, M-donut, and little M - cupcake!
Osama bin Laden stopped by for some food and fun...

Awww, the perfect match!

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  1. I LOVE the costumes, De! You're so clever.
    You look great too, have I told you lately?