Monday, July 16, 2012

Ben Lomond Peak

The first weekend in July we headed out with our great friends Lauren and Justin for an adventure! We took off from the top of the pass around 7pm, loaded up with our gear for the fun/long/moderate hike to the top! 
The views were breath-taking!

We made it to the saddle around 10pm-ish and set up camp. Luckily we made it all the way there without having to use any headlamps. After we set up camp, it was finally dinner time! The Mountain House mac-n-cheese is pretty dang good after a nice long hike! We had the beef stew too, but the mac-n-cheese definitely won!

Scary headlamp aliens! 
This is the view of the valley below! It was so beautiful! The moon that night was also very beautiful, although trying to take a picture of it with my point and shoot makes it look like an alien is coming out of the sky. Ha! We played some cards for a bit after dinner (don't worry, I did shoot the moon (yes, without cheating) and then headed to bed.
The morning view!
We woke up, had some snacks, took down camp, and then headed to the top! 

After the pseudo peak (we were faked out by a peak below the peak which looked like it might be the actual peak), we finally made it to the real deal! It was extra windy on the top (as usual) and we felt awesome because we made it! We are hard core!

The men-folk...

The us! 
The women-folk...

After we made it down from the summit, we enjoyed a nice breakfast of patriotic pop-tarts and granola bars!  (mmmmm, patriotic pop-tarts....)
I become more and more impressed by the skills our little point-and-shoot has the more that I use it. I wish could stand carrying our 5-pound DSLR with us on backpacking trips, but the point-and-shoot does a pretty good job and is a satisfactory substitute!

Once breakfast was consumed, we headed down the mountain. By the time we made it back to the switchbacks, my legs were done (I've been sitting on my butt all summer). But we made it back! To celebrate our adventure, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Denny's. Thanks, Lauren and Justin for another great adventure!

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  1. I think I was with you the last time I stood on that peak. Which means it has been YEARS. Let's do it next summer, eh? It's a date.