Saturday, June 15, 2013

St. G

What a fun weekend we had! My brother who has been helping with our orthodontia invited us down to his house for the weekend. We had a blast! We started out the trip with some family pictures. Aren't they a beautiful family?

Because the kids were dragged out of bed before sunrise (in the summertime!), we went out to breakfast! Mmm mmm, yummy yummy...

Then we just chilled at the house for a bit...

So cute!

After lunch, we headed to the water! It was so much fun to hang out in the warm sun and relax away the afternoon...

D wasn't too sure about her tube ride with her crazy big brothers! 

Ow ow! 

Ha ha!

On Saturday morning, we hit the hills. It was so beautiful and an awesome ride! 

After the biking, we hung out and went swimming! Cortney's parents were on their way back from California that evening, so we met up with them for a bite to eat. Afterward, we headed back home. It was such a fun and relaxing trip! Thanks, you guys! 
This was the closing pose. Me and G did not plan this! Ha ha - love that girl! 

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