Sunday, June 23, 2013


Have I mentioned before how lucky I am to work where I work? It is usually the happiest floor in the hospital, and I work with wonderful people! When someone mentioned to me that they might need a "driver" for one of their Ragnar vehicles, I volunteered immediately! They called me their "secret weapon". I was the driver, but was also there just in case a runner got hurt (so I could run their leg). We had such a great time! 

 We are awesome! 








After we finished our last run of the first leg, we headed to my sister's house in M-town (thanks again, Rhonda!). I bought some donuts in the morning to bring to everyone. Well, we ate about 3/4 of them and I was looking forward to enjoying another one when we got to my sister's house. I had forgotten about them until I went to take the garbage out to the garbage can. There on top of the garbage in the can was the box of donuts! I couldn't let them go to waste, so I brought them back in with me! Someone snapped this candid photo of me trying to find out who the culprit was who threw them away! Ha ha!

We hung out for awhile at my sister's and then headed out for our second leg (which lasted most of the morning hours - yay!). One of the runners' hips wasn't feeling so hot a few miles into her 11-mile run, so I got to run the rest of it for her. It was an awesome moonlit run! I ran on one of the trails of a triathlon that I had done a few times (and was going to do in a few weeks). It was sweet and I felt like I was running pretty fast! After all the morning runs, we headed to the next check point to rest, relax, and wait for the last leg. 

 It was starting to get very warm - how lucky for our last runs! 

I ran the last leg as well. It was a hot one! 

Nikki cheering me on...

The life-savers of the race...
 We had such a fun time! Overall, a wonderful experience. We were all pooped and ornery by the end (lack of sleep, exhaustion, etc.). I was sad I had to leave early, but for a good cause. 
After my last run, Cortney picked me up to go with his family to Jesse's temple endowment. Such a great weekend! 

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