Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trek on!

During the second week of June, Cortney and I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of a pioneer trek - we was a Pa and Ma! It was such an awesome experience! We've known about it since December and have been really excited to be a part of it. We were lucky to get to do it - Cortney's home stake was the one to put it on and we were invited to come along! The trek was 4 days long and was held at Deseret Land and Livestock near Evanston, Wyoming.
We didn't know who our family members were until we arrived at the place on the first day of trek. I know I'm biased, but we really did have the best family there. It was so great to get to know all of the kids and to just have fun and act like pioneers!

It rained almost everyday and we got to learn how to kick it in the rain. The weather was pretty crazy! It'd be sunny one minute, windy the next, and pouring after that! Luckily, we stole a large tarp out of the supply truck to help our company keep dry. It was huge! And so good to have!

All the weather changes really made me appreciate the hardships that the real pioneers went through. How did they do it? They were incredible and every time I go on a pioneer trek, my testimony of the greatness and strength of the pioneers grows stronger.
We had such a fun week despite the weather and made many friendships that will last a long time! We did a lot of fun activities like the pioneers did - we had a hoe down, we played pioneer games, sang songs, ate, ate, and ate some more, had devotionals and testimony meetings, and got to pull the handcart. We had an amazing time! Here's some pictures of the good times we had..........


Sweet family flag shot, how serene........

Our sweet li'l (and by little, I mean 7 kids) family!

Awwww, fer precial! (Special+Precious, it's our family word!)

Good friends, good times.......

Our boys: Taylor family REPRESENT!

Who won? I can't remember.....

Our kids, hard at work!

Jamie, Alfredo, and Tason

Old fashioned dressing room!

My real Taylor family!

What an experience! If you ever have the chance to go on a pioneer trek, take it! You won't regret it!

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  1. That was very precial. Is there anything you guys don't do?!? I have often reflected on my pioneer ancestry and I figure that if I would've been a pioneer they would've left me along side the trail after listening to my whining they would figure it wouldn't be worth hearing me for the next 400 miles.