Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Reunion Time!

All I can say is that we have the most awesome family in the whole wide world! Last Sunday and Monday, we attended the E family reunion! It was small and simple, but it was so much fun to see and be with all of my siblings and their families. We had an awesome time! We got together on Sunday and had a nice dinner in my parents' backyard. Before and after that we just spent time with each other being weird and having fun! Here are some epic photos of the good times:

The girlies!


K and Charley


The boys!

Mom and Dad

Holly and Scott

Kim and baby B

Christine and Jeff

Colette and Randy and the gang

Rhonda and Jeff

Charley, S, and C

S, Randy, and Kim
E and J


Dan and Debbie

Cortney and C (ahhh, sooo cute!)

Then on Monday, my dad laid out the huge plastic and made it into an awesome waterslide! Everybody loved it! It was fun to watch all the kids go crazy slippin' and a sliddin'. Even the adults participated in the water fights. It was fantastic!


M and G

G and K


The kiddos!

My shadowed husband and me!

After the fun slide, we got to go to the Roy aquatics center (which is so awesome!). We had a ton of fun there too!

S and Pizza:) (and J, sunbathing in the background)

Cortney (Yes, that's my niece's princess towel)

Princess C, Rhonda, and L

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and we had a ton of funnnnnnnnn! We love our family!


  1. Courtney is such a freakin ham in the princess towel. I thought my family was big, holy cow!

  2. Chad- I just found your blog (hope you don't mind) I figured I would tell you though and not just be a blog stalker.

    Do you think your dad will get the big plastic thing out again so I can go slip and slidin??