Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloweee!!!

A couple weeks ago we thought we'd get in the Halloween spirit and decorate the house a bit. We bought some Halloween decorations from the store and went to work! After we were all done, I sat back admiring our work and noticed something special about this $2 banner we bought...

I couldn't stop laughing and still can't every time I see it! Yes, it indeed says Happy Halloweee. Banner fail! Hope ya'll enjoyed that! And we do hope you have a Happy Halloweee!!!


  1. I so love your banner! Newly-wed decorating is the best!
    It reminded me of our first Christmas tree - we seriously scraped together and bought the cheapest one at Home Depot, then at home I asked Caleb to go trim it down so it would fit in our apartment and he unthinkingly cut off the top instead of the bottom. We laughed every time we walked through the room! And you can put that banner up every year for the rest of your life! Woot!!

  2. That seriously is a hoot! I love it. I want one.

  3. It is PERFECT for you!! I love it. ha ha

  4. It almost makes it better that it is not gramatically correct. It fits you to a Tii.