Saturday, November 28, 2009

BOATING: November 16, 2009

Yes, you read the title correctly. BOATING! And yes, the date is correct! A couple of weeks ago, my friend Emily from work called me and said, "Wanna go boating next monday?" (which was still a week away), and I said, "uhhhh.......... I don't know!" I couldn't decide. It sounded super cold and I really wasn't up for getting out in the cold weather to go wakeboarding/skiing. Then came the kicker...."It's my birthday and all I want is to go wakeboarding one last time!" I then thought back to a time when Emily and I went snow skiing and boating the same day in April of last year. It was so awesome and I think we knew we were crazy, but that is why it was so much fun! Then I thought, "It's her birthday, a special occasion. I can't let her down." So I said "YES!"
Throughout the next week, I kept looking at the forecast for monday. It was definitely going to be clear, but day by day, the high for monday kept dropping. When Monday came around, it was so cold! I texted Emily hoping that she might wanna cancel because it was so cold. I wasn't really surprised when she said they were still going. I had to go! Why pass up on something this epic?
So me, Emily, and 4 others (Carie, Lindsie, Vaughn, and Burglar) met at Willard Bay and had an awesome (but very chilly -39 degrees as the high) time! And we did use a dry suit so we didn't get hypothermia. Here are the photos (just think warm thoughts):

The Prep:

Me, Carie, and Lindsie

The girls...



Getting ready!

Frozen hands.....

Burglar on the wakeboard (FYI, he wakeboarded for almost 10 minutes! Crazy man!)

Lindsie getting out...brrrrr!

Carie the pro skiier....

Crazy Vaughn!

Emily showing that it's so cold, she could see her breath!


Overall, it was a very beautiful day! Even though it was freezing cold, we had an awesome time!

Happy Birthday Emily!

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  1. What great fun. Thank goodness for good gear to keep you dry. Way to be brave and go.