Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One year ago today....

I can hardly believe how fast time flies! It has been one year since the man of my dreams proposed to me at Fernwood park in Layton. It's been a wonderful year and I am so blessed to have Cortney in my life. Heavenly Father definitely had a hand in our getting together and now His hand plays a big role in our marriage.
Earlier this year, the Standard Examiner was having a contest to find out some creative ways of proposing and I submitted our story. It's kinda cheesy and long (but it's special :) ), so bear with me:

It was a Sunday evening and my fiancĂ©, Cortney and I were enjoying a dinner with his family. During dinner, his mom invited us to an activity the following Tuesday, but wouldn’t disclose to either of us what the “surprise” would be. Two weeks earlier Cortney had mentioned that our rings had come in the mail, leaving me filled with great anticipation to be engaged! I was suspicious at everything we did, everywhere we went, every move he made. The invitation to this “surprise” activity left me suspicious and wondering if this finally might be it!
Tuesday arrived at last! The whole day I was excited, nervous, and giddy! I just knew this was it! Cortney picked me up around 6 and when we got to his home, his family was finishing up preparations for dinner. Meanwhile, his mom requested that we take a plate of brownies to a family in the neighborhood. Little did I know this was a tactic to get us out of the house as well as to let a “helper” know we were heading to the “destination”.
As we were driving home, Cortney mentioned there were still a few minutes before dinner. “Let’s just drive back up to Fernwood for a sec,” he suggested. Fernwood is a beautiful wooded park on the benches above Layton. Although it was a good idea, it was wintertime, and the thought of being outside made me shiver! Luckily, Cortney had suggested I wear my heavy coat. When we got up to Fernwood, we parked and headed outside to a bench overlooking the valley. As we were walking, I brushed up against Cortney’s suit coat and accidentally felt a small box in his pocket. It was then that I knew for sure it was happening! Oh the excitement!
It was a beautiful night and the glimmering lights of the valley made for a romantic atmosphere. We sat reminiscing of the time at that very spot when Cortney had professed his love for the first time. The same words were mentioned once again, but with greater significance. The silence of meaningful reflection overtook the conversation. After about 10 minutes, the silence was broken by the sound of jingle bells. I felt Cortney’s heart beat increase significantly.
As we turned to look, Santa Claus was heading down the hill. As he neared, and his “ho, ho, ho’s” and bells became louder, I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” My skeptical thoughts were soon overcome with joy when Santa came over to us and delivered a dozen roses and a gift bag. Santa then wished us a Merry Christmas and took off back up the hill. “There’s something more in the bag,” Cortney said as I took out the teddy bear. I reached back in the bag and removed a beautiful hand-written note. My eyes welled up with tears within the first paragraph and continued to do so as I read on. The note was filled with beautiful and sincere sentiment.
“I love you so much!” I said as I finished the note. “I love you, too, babe!” Cortney said as he took the box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” And without skipping a beat, I replied with the words “Of course!” We embraced and I knew I had finally found and would marry the man of my dreams!
We returned to his house to find the walkway covered with pink rose petals. As we entered through the door, the lights were dimmed and there were rose petals strewn about the floor. We entered the dining room to enjoy an immaculate candlelight dinner consisting of all of my favorite foods. The atmosphere was made romantically complete with music chosen by Cortney of songs that mean a lot to both of us. It was the most perfect engagement ever!

I am truly grateful for all that Cortney does for me! He really is the best husband ever and he treats me like a queen. He works really hard for our family and is very helpful around the house. I am also grateful how he honors his Priesthood. I am grateful for his sense of humor and for making our marriage a very happy one! Most of all, I am grateful for his love and acceptance of me. He truly is my best friend and I would be lost without him! I love you, Cortney!


  1. I am SO SO happy for you! Not to mention I miss your guts! Hope you are having some happy holidays! Love ya!

  2. Wow he's good! I am happy you're happy

  3. What an amazing post. You two are so cute. I'm glad you shared your proposal experience. Our wedding anniversary is just 5 days before yours, I'll have to blog about my experience in March.

    Oh, and "driving up to Fernwood for a sec" I know what you're talking about. ;)