Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jazz Game vs. Memphis, Novemeber 30

Occasionally we get lucky enough to be able to go to a Jazz game! This time, it was against Memphis. We sat on row 17 and it was awesome! We went with Cortney's little brother, Jesse, and his friend Tucker. It was tons of fun! We decided that it was necessary to stop at McDonald's on the way to buy some very cool Coke glasses. The cool part about it was that it came with a free large meal! Actually, it was the other way around, buy the meal, get the glass. All in all, though, we got the free Coke glasses. They are very cool!

We headed to the game after dinner. It was an awesome game! I just love going to the Jazz games now that I have more time and can get into watching the games and following the team. My favorite player this year is Carlos Boozer. I think he's my favorite because he's actually playing decently this year and has improved a ton from last year. Cortney's favorite is Deron Williams.


Warming up.....

Lining up....

The jump ball

The Boyz....

Awww, Jazz buddies!

After the game, we went to the memorabilia store where they sell all the clothes and jerseys. The boys both got sweet Jazz pajama pants for only $10! I got a luck Jazz green shirt for $10 too! It was such a fun night!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun, and what awesome seats! You're hair is getting so long, it's beautiful, I love it.