Thursday, December 10, 2009


I will have to say that yesterday was the best birthday I have had yet! Birthdays are so much more fun when you're married! I am so grateful for Cortney and for how sweet he is! He's the best! How could I have an awesome birthday without this fella?

It seriously was thee best birthday ever! On Sunday, my mother-in-law made a special dinner for my birthday (and we get to celebrate again with my family this Sunday! Yeah!). It was awesome! She made her famous (and delicious) pot-roast with mashed potatoes. We then had brownies and icecream for desert. Hungry, anyone??

After dinner, we sat around being usual.........

I had to work the whole night before my birthday. After I got off of work yesterday morning, our friends Ashlee and Scott took us to IHOP for breakfast (lucky us!). It was a lot of fun! Before they came to pick us up, I discovered that Cortney had decorated the house for my birthday! It was awesome! He put up balloons and signs and he even got me a princess ribbon to wear on my shirt throughout the day! At IHOP I was a little tired, but the food and the company was superb!

Yes, we just woke up.....

Awww, yeah! Delicious french toast!

Los amigos! Feliz cumple! (And yes, Cortney is eating chicken strips and fries for breakfast, ha!)

After the great breakfast, we went home and I slept until 2:30. It was a great birthday sleep! When I woke up, I discovered a princess gift bag on our kitchen table. I quickly emptied the tissue paper to find . . . . . a pink SNUGGIE!!!! If you don't know what that is, here's a picture of me in it reading a book......

Actually that's not me, but it may as well be! Ha ha ha.....Ever since the snuggies came out, I kept telling Cortney that I wanted one. I would joke about how I wanted one so bad, which joking about it, it seemed as though I didn't want one and thought they were geeky (but deep down inside, I really really did want one!) The snuggie gift was completely unexpected! It was the best Birthday present he could've gotten me! For those of you who haven't experienced the snuggie yet, they're pretty inexpensive and can keep you pretty warm. They are great for this type of cold weather we're having right now. The only stipulation Cortney gave me was that I couldn't wear the snuggie in public. So, if you were expecting to see me in it while grocery shopping, you're about to be sorely disappointed! Sorry......
For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse (because I LOVE steak!) It was delish! I had their prime rib.....and wow, it was incredible! After dinner, we went and saw the movie, Blindside. It was an awesome movie and I recommend it to everybody! What a birthday! It really was the best ever, thanks to my awesome husband!

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  1. MMMMM you had a birthday full of yummy food! Happy belated birthday, I'm glad you had a good time. Holidays are so much better married, too, and even better with a little family! I love ya girl!