Thursday, January 28, 2010

So this is Christmas.....

Yes, I realize this post is about year I mean a month late. I've just been a little busy and now it's time to play catch up! Christmas 2009 was the best Christmas ever! It's so much fun having a husband and two families to spend the holidays with. I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband and my family and for all the joy they bring into my life. On Christmas Eve, we spent the night with and at the T household. It was a blast! My mother-in-law Mary made a delicious meal (as usual). Grandma and Grandpa were also there to join in the fun.
After dinner, we had a little talent program. It was awesome! And very funny! Cameron told some dry Christmas jokes, Jesse played a tune or two on the piano and a duet with Mary, Kandis graced us with a Christmas song also on the piano, and Grandma and Grandpa sang a hilarious song about who-knows-what! It was good times all around. There are always a lot of laughs when we all get together!
After the wonderful talent show, we all sat around and listened to the Christmas story from Luke 2. I love hearing that story and just thinking about how wonderful our Savior is and what a great impact his birth had on the world.
When the story was finished, we got to open our pj's! It was an awesome sight! The girls mostly got regular pajamas, and the boys all got matching Mario pajamas! Yeah! Lucky!

The best of all were the pajamas Grandma received - she's quite the stylish lady and loves just about anything with leopard print on it!

The whole Family!

By the time pictures were taken and things were winding down, it was definitely bedtime! We were told that if we were naughty and not asleep that Santa wouldn't come. So I made sure of that!

On Christmas morning, we arose way too early (at 6 am) and began opening presents. Let's just say we got some pretty cool gifts. Kandis was lucky enough to get a pink snuggie! Just like mine! HA! Love it! For those of you who requested a real picture of me in the snuggie, here you go......

One of the main gifts the family received was the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii! Yes, it's an awesome game, and yes, they played it all day on Christmas and beat it that same day.
A break was taken to eat a delicious breakfast of egg, sausage and cheese muffins.....mmmmmm yummy!

After brefkast, we headed to my parents' house for lunch! It was fun to spend some time with my parents and Randy and Colette (and of course, M and S). Those two kids are such cuties! They were excited to show us their new Christmas toys Santa had brought them....

We had a delicious lunch together and just sat around and relaxed :)
Later that afternoon, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's. We were the first ones there! Then little by little the rest of the Clifford family began trickling in. There's always good food and fun games at Grandma and Grandpas. I was quite beat to be honest, so I took a little nap before I worked that night. I had to work at 5 that night until 11. It was a very quiet shift and I even got a free Christmas dinner out of it! It was great!

Overall, Christmas 2009 was great!

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