Thursday, January 28, 2010

E Family Party 2010!!! (Part 2)

After lunch we all loaded up in our vehicles and headed to Rohmer park in Washington Terrace to do some major tubing! Cortney, J, K, and I were the first ones there. Since we don't own a tube or sled, I decided to bring a large flattened cardboard box. It worked pretty good for the first couple times. Then it just wouldn't slip anymore! And that's when our family came - luckily!

The hill is Rohmer park is perfect for all ages! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Here are a few (I mean, a lot:) ) pictures from the afternoon........

I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids!

The best part of the afternoon was when we would make chains with a lot of people to go down the hill. I think at one time I counted that we had a cluster of 28 people go down at one time! It was epic! Here's a video of just one of the times when they made a cluster down the hill......I love it!

We had a great afternoon spending time with each other! Isn't family the best?

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