Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Times at the C fam's!

Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to go up to my sister, Rhonda's house to spend some time with their family. It's always a lot of fun when we go - and there are always treats involved :) We went up and spent the night the Sunday after Christmas. When we got up there, Randy, Colette, and the kids were up there too! It was definitely a party! Rhonda made a wonderful dinner (and Colette brought her famous peanut butter chocolates) and then we just hung out and played with the kids! Sometimes it gets a little crazy up there!

Ha ha ha!
And it's always a requirement that we play a little Wii - hey, it's tradition! You can't break tradition! Plus the boys (and girls) like it when Cortney plays Wii with them because he's good......dang good.......

Me and J have fun doing girl-type things, like making muddy buddies! Those are definitely one of our favorites! (if you have never tried them, you should!)

Here are the kids after putting on their pj's. Yes, S is in a doll stroller.....and M's eyes didn't exactly stay all the way open for this shot........

It was a fun night! After the kids went to bed, Cortney and I sat around and chatted with Rhonda - she's the best! Good times were definitely had at the C fam household!

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