Thursday, January 28, 2010

E Family Party 2010!!! (Part 1)

When us E's get together, we know how to party! On Saturday, January 2nd, we had our annual E Family New Years' Eve partay! It was so much fun being together with all of my siblings! The first event of the day was breakfast! After stuffing our faces, everyone just hung out at my parents' house and played some games! Some took the games a little too serious.....

It was a great to see all of our nieces and nephews having a lot of fun together!

Here are a couple more pictures to show the fun of the morning......

This one's our favorite! Ha ha ha!

Kim also rounded up all the girls and painted their fingernails and toenails........they loved it! And apparently so did some of the boys!

And the morning was only just the beginning of all the fun! We had sandwiches for lunch and then headed tubing!

Stay tuned for the blog entry about our AWESOME adventures going tubing with the whole fam!

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