Monday, July 29, 2013

The Uintas

I'm always game to go on an adventure! My friend, Emily's friends always go on a few backpacking trips each year. Luckily enough, she let me join in with them! It was such a great trip! I was in heaven  (except for the fact that it was a girls' trip and Cortney wasn't there with me)! I love backpacking. I love the mountains. I love adventure! This trip did not disappoint! We drove to the trailhead on Friday and got going. 

Denise, Heather, Me, Emily, Angie (these girls are amazing!)

It was very beautiful! 

 Stopping for a little rest...

 Our destination was 8 miles in - Carolyn Lake. It was a tough hikey-poo, but was totally worth it when we arrived! 

 Our campground was perfect! 

It was so nice to set-up camp, relax, eat dinner, and have a fire! The next day (which was rainy off and on) we hiked over Rocky Sea Pass to Four Lakes Basin. This is is us looking pretty fresh at the start of the day...

 The hike up to the pass was a good one! We made it to the top and ate a snack :)

 The view into 4 Lakes Basin - absolutely breath-taking!

 This is the view from the bottom of the other side of the pass...the picture doesn't do the grandiose mountain justice! 


We stopped for lunch a little ways after coming down off the pass. It was so tasty! Then we continued onto the trail...

Our final destination for the day-so pretty! 

Hunchback of the Uintas

Lucky for us, because we went down the other side of the pass, that meant we had to come right back up it on the way back! It was a pretty tough ascent. Luckily we didn't have our big packs with us today! As we were summiting, it was pouring rain. It was the type of pouring rain that you wonder why you're even wearing a poncho. :) It's so interesting how fast the weather can change up there. Once everyone got back to the top of the pass, the pour turned to a drizzle....

 We made it back to the campsite and relaxed for the rest of the night...

Sunday we woke, ate, packed up, and headed out. This was the lake before we left. Gorgeous!!!

 One last shot before heading back...

We made it back most of the way without it raining on us. The last mile and a half or so, it decided to rain pretty hard on us. 

 By the time we got back to the truck, it had stopped raining. 

 We put all our packs in the truck and headed to Park City for some eats! We stopped at a delicious pizza place! It was so tasty! It was tasty anyway, I'm sure, but food always tastes that much better when you've been hiking.
We were headed down Parley's Canyon when Angie's truck stalled. It was bad news. Nothing like another adventure to add to the one we just had! We hung out on the side of the road and waited for the tow truck and our ride to get there. 'Twas a party! Angie ended up having to replace the engine. :(
I am so glad I was able to go! It was an amazing experience with awesome people! 

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