Monday, June 28, 2010

M-town - June 2010!!!

It's time to play catch-up! It's been a really busy month and so I have been slacking! We've just been having too much fun! We left thursday night, June 24th and stayed the night at the Green River State Park Campground. We barely made it there before it closed!

Friday morning, we got up and went for a beautiful hike at Little Wild Horse Canyon, a few miles before the entrance to Goblin Valley State Park. It is a beautiful slot canyon hike that makes a loop. The weather was overcast and not too hot - just perfect! Here are some photos for you enjoyment :)

I've been on this hike now 3 times and each time I enjoy it even more! It's so awesome! If you ever get the chance, it's a great one! Just don't go there when there's a chance of flash flooding :)
After we were done, we headed to M-town! We went the scenic route and saw newspaper rock.

When we got to M-town, we went to R&F's for dinner. It wasn't that impressive - I ordered turkey something and my food came out with a piece of toast with lunch meat and gravy over the top. Mmmmmmm, yummy! Actually it was sick. But hey, it was food!
On Saturday, we went to pick G up from scout camp.

The T Family!
K, G, and K
Kimmy and K


We spent the day Saturday just hanging out and having fun! The men went to put the cattle back in that got they are getting ready!

Beautiful K girl!

Epic water faucet picture...
After dinner we went for bike rides! Awesome! We rode up to Lloyd's lake. It was excellent! Then we hung out and played nintendo! Woot!
After church on sunday, Cortney, K, and me went for a nice stroll around Lloyd's lake! It was beautiful!

These pics are around the T's house. Beautiful!

We had a good time just hanging out with the T's! We love them!

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