Friday, July 2, 2010

Hill Aerospace Museum with the E fam!

In all my years of living here in C town, I have never been to the aerospace museum, so when Holly asked if I wanted to come with them to the museum, I jumped at the chance! Holly's friend and her kids came with us as well! 8 kids under the age of 9 with 3 adults was just right! The kids had so much fun! That museum is rockin'! It was really interesting! Here are some fun pics of the kids! It was fun just to watch them having fun!

SO cute!

T enjoying the simulation plane model

This picture reminds me of an awesome video I've seen.......
Check it out:
It was an excellent day! And the museum was way cool! The kids had a ton of fun!


  1. The Aerospace Museum is way cool. Ican't believe you haven't been there. That is a lot of kiddos under the age of 9. I'm glad that the 3 adults survived.

  2. DeAnn! You had never been to the museum before?! That cracks me right up. I should have taken you when we were little:)