Saturday, July 31, 2010

W Family Reunion

Every year, my mom's side of the family gets together for a reunion. This year, the T fam and the E fam were there with us to enjoy the fun! It was at my Aunt M's house in Bloomington, Idaho. We spent the evening eating, playing with the kids, and enjoying each others' company.

Cortney teaching T to play catch
B and K
Baby B
The Cowboyz


This is the face C made when it was time to go home.....
Holly showing us her fast-pitch skills...
Before turning in for the night, Cortney and I robbed the T fam kids and headed to one of my favorite truck stops in Montpelier, Idaho - THE RANCH HAND! I just love this place! It was late, but it was a lot of fun to escape and eat some not-so-good-for-you delicious food! Yeah!

We spent the night in a tent on the W fam's lawn. Good morning, K!
Cortney apparently likes the game, Pass the Pigs.
We packed up and headed to the lake for the day! It was a BLAST!
Cortney chillaxin' in the chair.....
G and Charley
So. Cute.
Cute li'l buddy
Baby B
The beach boyz :)
Read his shirt. Ha! Love it.
Sistas 4-life! Ha! My Uncle Brian has a wave runner which he let us enjoy for a time that day. It was sooo much fun! The kids loved it too!
Whilst we were enjoying the water, Cortney was busy at work designing this face in the sand with his feet. Ha ha ha! Awesome!

It was such an awesome weekend! We all came home tired, worn out, and completely charrrrrrrred to the maxxx! Even Char was charred! Ha ha. Needless to say, we each applied a generous amount of aloe vera a few times that night back at the house. :)

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