Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Amber Taylor and Riley Lovendale were joined in marriage and sealed together on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. It was awesome! Being part of their day reminded me of how incredible a celestial marriage really is! I am so grateful for my husband and for our eternal marriage. We are so happy for Amber and Riley and wish them a very happy life together! We are also excited to have Riley be a part of the Taylor family! He fits right in.
On Monday night, they had a party at Sugarhouse Park to celebrate their upcoming marriage which would be happening the next day. It was a casual evening with DONUTS for desert! It was awesome! Everyone had a good time! There was even bread there for the kids (and the adults) to feed the ducks with - so cool! It was great to see friends and family members too.
The fathers of the groom and bride.....
The Taylor boys.....Jesse, Cortney, Cameron
The beautiful couple!
A family friend, Michael and his ADORABLE daughter!

The delicious donuts. Yummy!

The ceremony was beautiful and it is always great to have so much family together. It was a beautiful day!
Love it! Love them!
After the ceremony, we hung out for a little bit whilst they snapped some photos outside the temple. We then celebrated their sealing by eating a delicious meal at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was so beautiful and the food was delicious. Once again, it was just so nice to get together with family!

I love this guy!

Me, Amber, Katie, and Kandis - the bridesmaids........
This Carebear costume was given to Riley from my father-in-law, Lenn for emergency purposes. Amber has had two stuffed animals since she was a kid, and Lenn thought he'd help Riley out if by chance she was having withdrawals from these stuffed animals. He even put the costume in a box that says, "Emergency Kit". It was hilarious! They had no idea...... He even had a custom tag made for the costume.

The whole Taylor Family with the new Riley addition...
This marriage brought to you by...........


  1. Hah! Raichu! That's a funny one. Definitely have to keep that one going.

  2. That Carebear costume is hilarious.