Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Visit From the T Family!

This past week, we've had the awesome opportunity to have the T family come visit us! (Well, not just us, but a lot of other people and places). They have stayed at our house for the past couple of days and it has been a blast! I wish that I wouldn't have had to work so much (I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night, so I was non-existent for 3 days), but that's where Cortney came in - he was the entertainer and cook. We ate a lot, watched a lot of movies, played a lot of video games, hung out, played basketball, and just had a ton of fun! We love these guys! I'm glad we could have them over.

Charley waiting for K to pass the ball....... :)

Action shot - G guarding Cortney
Kim and G (awwww)! Doesn't G's hair look AWESOME??
The cherry eater! These kids love fruit! They helped us down the cherries, raspberries, and apricots. Awesome!
Kim and K
Kim and K (I love this one!)

The T fam cherry kids!
Wrestling match - free entertainment! It was hilarious!
The end of the match.......
I am so glad they could come up and spend some time up here! We love you guys!

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  1. First of all, I just have to say that your new photo header is hot, or not. I'm not quite sure??!!
    So much fun having people stay over. GOod times, good fun. Sorry you had to work so much while they were there.