Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Times

I am very grateful for healthy bodies! I don't know how (let's be honest, I do - from being lazy, sitting on my butt, and eating a lot of bad foods!), but I gained 40 pounds in a year last year - 2012. I subsequently lost those 40 pounds this spring! I can't tell you how grateful I am to be able to move without limitations and to run amuck anywhere I want!

Those who know me know that I love the outdoors! My good friend Lauren also loves the outdoors! We decided to embark on an adventure up Baer Canyon. It was a beautiful spring day and the weather was perfect! It was overcast and the temperature was just right! We hiked up the canyon a ways until we couldn't find the trail (come to find out later, you just have to cross the river to get to the trail again, ha ha!).  'Twas a beautiful hike! I always am so happy whenever I'm outside!

We are awesome...

That night when our husbands got off work, we headed to Planet Fun! It was a KSL deal that we got that was sweet! They had an awesome pizza buffet and cool games! We had a snack on the way down of chips. We decided that the chip-clips were a great fashion statement!

We played laser tag a couple of times! One time, we played against a bunch of tween boys that thought they could beat us. Wrong, there! We totally beat them! It was really funny (but kind of sad in a we-just-defeated-and-punctured-their-egos sort of way). 
We are awesome...

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